A GymPro does gymnastics proud

GymPros is Monsey’s premier Jewish gymnastics program for aspiring girls. Offering pro-grade gymnastics classes, private instruction, competitive training, and other gymnastics-related services, we work with you personally to teach the skills, techniques and attitude required to master handstands, flips, cartwheels, back handsprings and more.

Proud and passionate, a GymPro trains with ambition, finds fun in the challenge, and contributes to the sport by assisting fellow trainees. Though discovering the athlete within begins in your formative years, we recognize that the stage calls every age. That’s why we also offer adult programs with no upper age limit.

Why Gymnastics?

Unlike most youth sports, gymnastics requires unfamiliar physical risks that build confidence towards life’s challenges

Tumbling improves physical development through muscle control, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and balance

Gymnastics is all-inclusive, aiding strength, speed and balance without sacrificing critical socialization of organized activity

Gymnastics improves posture and helps stabilize growing bodies. The poise and control taught also help avoid injury

Performed as both a solo sport and a group/competitive activity, gymnastics teaches independence and self-reliance

Gymnastics requires intense practice and repetition; the diligence and discipline carry over to studies and work ethic

Why GymPros?

GymPros is a little community of future superstars, where we strongly focus on teamwork and friendly competition

While encouraging and promoting excellence, GymPros strikes the perfect balance between enjoying the sport and the pursuit of perfection

Each GymPro enjoys a range of exciting equipment including bouncy trampolines, balance beams, and uneven bars.

Our class setting sets the pace, yet the strong personal coach-child relationship helps ensure individual advancement

With dedicated facilities and a private entrance, GymPros are enveloped in the sport for full concentration, focus and fun

Safety is our #1 priority at GymPros, with equipment custom built and independently tested by a third party


Our story: putting the 'pro' in GymPros


Way back when...

The long, exciting road to realizing GymPros combined Malky’s two passions: gymnastics and working with kids. As a child, Malky (GymPros founder) steadily found herself upside down or bending backwards. Lacking a professional frum program, her parents' couches turned into landing mats and their furniture became beams and bars.

Graduating ''domestic'' training, she had to attend secular after-hour classes to become a professional gymnast. She realized the community’s demand for a frum equivalent, and set out to teach small groups of children, as she had often done before: from Tisha B'Av day camps to pre-camp programs, she loved teaching children what she knew within a fun, safe environment.



Her ever-supportive parents gave up their living room to give the gym a go. Word spread soon enough and demand outgrew the humble space. She then took the plunge and invested in a state-of-the art facility while embarking on a sincere search for the best and most talented instructors who shared her vision and teaching style. Over GymPros’ 5-year history, that hands-on, small program approach never wavered. GymPros keeps growing, yet remains true to its roots.

Malky is synonymous with 'Jewish gymnastics'. She and her instructors are USA Gymnastics-certified and sport thousands of hours of training experience. Hundreds of satisfied parents and kids attest to the superior training they received at GymPros.



Malky considers GymPros a gift. She is thankful and endlessly proud that it now occupies a beautiful large facility outfitted with custom equipment, sparkling amenities, and hundreds of spirited kids who perpetuate the movement she started with little more than wonder and a will.


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