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Kick off your new year with a themed birthday party at GymPros

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Perform at the Jewish Girls Gymnastics League with select teammates

Gym Prose

Know the song, know you belong

GymPros Anthem

Gymnastics has just pros no cons, starting with agility,
No weaks, no creaks, for sure no freaks, just fun and flexibility,
Coordination, dedication, power strength and speed alike,
Fitness, balance, health as well, woohoo let’s yell ‘GymPros I like!’

We’re GymPros, We’re GymPros, gymnasts in the know,
We’re GymPros, We’re GymPros, we’ll show ‘em how it goes!
We’re GymPros, We’re GymPros, we’ve all got talent wow,
We are the pros!!!

Cartwheels, flips and straddle splits, quick kicks and tucks and bridges too,
Oohoo limbers and kickovers, aha some back and forward rolls,
Handstands we have got all sorts, from bar and split, to press and stag,
Lots of handsprings, aerials, saltos, roundoffs, etcetera


Masters of gym, the GymPros
Stretch every limb, it’s GymPros
Come on, flex ‘em, you’re GymPros
Strive for maxim, PROS! GO!

Oh! Try once, Oh! Try twice, no, no, no, don’t don’t refrain,
Oh! Try twice, oh! Try thrice, go, go, you’ll gain,
Pay the price, sacrifice, oh! Bring the pain,
Sound advice: Train!


Go GymPros, Go GymPros,
Go GymPros, Go GymPros, go, go pros!
Go GymPros, Go GymPros,
Go like a pro!

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