On which days does GymPros offer classes? . . .

Classes are in session Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. For our current calendar, click here.

What age groups does GymPros serve? . . .

Current programs include girls classes for ages 5+ and preschool classes for ages 3-5.

What types of classes do you offer? . . .

Explore a range of classes by clicking here, including recreational gymnastics girls, a competitive team, and more.

What if I must miss a class? . . .

Our make-up policy varies between the different programs. See Make-ups section in the Rules and Policies below.

What are your safety procedures? . . .

Safety is our first priority. Our instructors are USA Gymnastics certified and taught to train properly. Our state-of-the-art equipment and mats are of the best quality and independently tested by a third party.

Who are your instructors? . . .

All girls’ classes are taught by qualified, experienced female instructors. Each instructor is hand selected and vetted for their gymnastics talent and a passion to work with kids.

Where is GymPros located? . . .

The gym is conveniently situated in the Central Crossing shopping center, 175 Route 59, Spring Valley.

How many kids will be in my class?. . .

Class ratio varies between the different programs. By maintaining a small instructor-to-child ratio, we ensure individual attention and plenty one-on-one training.

How much do classes cost? . . .

Price depends on the specific class(es) you choose. We strive to offer affordable options and easy management with our auto-pay system. Click here for our payment policy.

What skills will I learn at GymPros? . . .

You can expect to amass a wide array of gymnastics skills. From the fundaments like backbends, handstands and cartwheels through competitive levels of USA Gymnastics, each child learns at their own pace. Our instructors work with you on an individual level to maximize your potential.

How can I contact GymPros? . . .

We would love to hear from you! Call us at 845-GYMPROS or email info@gym-pros.com

What discounts do you offer for multiple siblings or classes? . . .

We offer generous discounts to multiple students or multiple classes per week: 10% off 2nd and 3rd; 15% off 4th; 20% off 5th and beyond.

If I refer a friend, do I get credit? . . .

Yes! Referrals are the greatest compliments, and in appreciation for every family you refer, we will credit you $15 towards tuition.

Any apparel requirements? . . .

Girls: Sleeved leotard and leggings.

Do you host camps and birthday parties? . . .

We sure do! Click here for all camp and party programs.

Is gymnastics only for girls? . . .

Not at all! Gymnastics is not only a constructive and safe sport for boys, it also adds strength, endurance, flexibility, self-esteem, work ethic, teamwork, advanced motor skills, concentration and more for any other sports in which boys may participate. At GymPros, gymnastics is a positive force that helps young girls and boys build their best selves.

Policies & Procedures


  • GymPros reserves the right to cancel a class prior to or after the first class due to insufficient registration. Full refund will be issued

  • Registration application must be performed online. Enrollment is not guaranteed until applicant receives confirmation call and/or email from GymPros

  • All registrations incur a $25 annual membership fee

  • All preschool and recreational registrations are for the full school year (see 2021-22 schedule on calendar), with an opt-out option for February. It is your responsibility to email or call for opt-out by January 15th

  • All Stars and Team registrations are for the full school year (see 2021-22 schedule on calendar)

  • Dropping enrollment for our program will incur a $30 cancellation fee. Cancellation must be done prior to 24 hours before the class. If cancelling within 24 hours before the class, cancellation will only take effect the following class

  • Private sessions are scheduled with the department manager and confirmed by the office. Up to 24 hour cancellation, there will be no charge. Up to 3 hour cancellation will incur a $20 fee. After that, there will be no refunds


  • All applications must be accompanied by a valid credit card to be held on file, which will be charged on the 25th of every month towards the following month’s tuition

  •  If registration takes place after the 25th of the previous month, the card will be charged immediately upon registration confirmation

  • Following are discounts offered to multiple students or multiple classes per week: 10% off 2nd and 3rd; 15% off 4th; 20% off 5th and beyond. Discount is applied to tuition of equal or lesser value. Stars and Team classes excluded

  • Class fees are non-transferable


  • GymPros requests that students strive to avoid skipped classes. Routine and weekly schedules are designed to benefit students' linear development

  • GymPros offers special make-up classes on specified dates each school season. Semester-end make-up sessions help avoid overcrowding of other classes throughout the semester. They are open for registration on our online calendar and it is your responsibility to register for them as soon as you miss a class.

  • There are no make-up sessions/refunds for missed make-up classes.  

  • There are no make-up sessions for missing classes the last week of the school year

  • Make-up sessions for Preschool, Recreational, and Sunday Rec classes are limited to 1 per same quarter only (total of 4 make-up classes per year)

  • Make-up sessions for Stars and Team classes are limited to 1 per same half only (total of 2 make-up classes per year)

  • There is one summer makeup class per program at the end of August

  • Snow day cancellations are refunded to your account

  • Weather updates are emailed to email address provided at registration, no less than 1 hour before class start time

  • Fast days that are starred on our calendar are refundable only for gymnasts who fasted


  • Girls: sleeved leotard with NO t-shirt, leggings that cover knees, bare feet, pinned-back hair, and no jewelry other than non-hanging earrings (team girls may be required to wear leggings under leotard)


  • New students, who have never previously attended GymPros, may count their first class as a paid trial session and will be refunded for the remaining classes if they find the program not suitable for them


  • Each class begins and ends on time. Be punctual so as not to miss important warm-up

  • No drop-offs allowed more than 10 minutes before class, and no pick-up later than 10 minutes after class. Early drop-off/late pickup will incur a $10 fee. Please be considerate of our staff

  • We cannot take responsibility for our students outside our facility. Therefore, an adult should accompany the student upon drop-off, and students may not leave the gym without an adult coming in for pickup

  • Parents may watch class action from designated watch area only

  • Fathers are not allowed to enter gym during girls' classes


  • $15 tuition discount will be awarded to parents per family referred to GymPros, as listed on the referred family’s registration application


  • First-time GymPros guests receive a coupon to use for their first GymPros class

  • 50% non-transferable, non-refundable deposit due upon booking. Remaining 50% due before party date

  • No arrival allowed earlier than 15 minutes before party. Cleanup and departure must be no later than 15 minutes after party


  • 50% non-transferable, non-refundable deposit due upon booking. Remaining 50% due before camp date

  • No makeup sessions or refunds issued for missed camp days

  • Campers should bring their own lunch and 2 snacks


  • Lost & Found System: All items found in the gym will be placed in the lost & found box by the students’ changing area. Items that remain in the lost & found box for 2 weeks will be discarded

  • Please notify us when you have change of address, phone number, email address, etc.

  • Our PROshop is open during all operating hours. Please ask the front office for help

  • All notifications and updates will be sent via email. Please ensure your emails are tended to in a timely manner so as not to miss important communications